YK Makes It Easy: Choosing the Right Internet Speed

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10 Mbps Down.
20 Mbps Down.
50 Mbps Down.

Everyone got that? Are you ready to pick an internet package?

Most people would say “no,” coupled with a look of confusion and exasperation. Choosing your internet can be not only daunting, but time consuming. YK Communications is here to help. Let’s figure this out together, shall we?

Choosing your internet can be a lot like choosing what size hose to buy at the garden center. 10 feet will get you to the front flower bed. 20 feet? You might be able to hit the side and part of the yard. 30 feet and you can fill up your bird bath. Each extension costs a little more though, so you won’t buy more than you need.

When you go to buy, you consider what you need it for. Let’s do that now – but with your internet needs.

The Number of Connected Devices Matters

How many devices do you have in your home? Go from one room to the other, and take a look at what all you expect to have connected and using the internet at any given time.

So Does the Way You Use the Internet

Next, consider how you use your internet. Before you say “for getting online, duh!” think of specifics. If you plan on streaming videos, your needs will be vastly different than someone who reads the news on their phone at breakfast and then moves on. Checking email requires much less from your internet service than watching videos, sharing pictures, or online gaming.

Performance Expectations are Important Too

Finally, what are your expectations? If you rarely watch videos or live news broadcasts, you are probably okay with slower loading times and buffering. But if Netflix is on your Favorites list and you’re expecting high performance with little to no wait time, be sure to consider a faster internet speed.

What Does YK Have to Offer?

10 Mbps down (that’s download speed) is best for occasional online activities and 1-2 connected devices. 20 Mbps down is good for browsing, email, catching up on the news, and a little online shopping with up to 3 connected devices.

Our most popular package is 50 Mbps. Ready to watch movies online with 4-7 of your closest friends quietly scrolling through their Facebook feeds around you? 50 is your new pal.

If you’re an online gamer, then most of this is probably elementary to you. If not, then let us go on and recommend the 100 Mbps down. Games, digital movies, and 8 connected devices are well supported at this speed.

FINALLY! If you’re a steward of all things futuristic, new, bright, shiny and interconnected… well, you’ll probably want the 1 GIG. It’s 100 times faster than the Internet speed in a typical U.S. household. Gamers are able to fiercely snarl at glinting screens battling imaginary enemies without ever falling victim to the fear of a dooming “lag.” And that video quality? Let’s just say there won’t be a problem seeing the tears on Meredith Grey’s face as Netflix tries to discern exactly how many hours you plan on spending in front of the TV. This speed is best for at-home businesses, graphic designers, video conferencing, and more.

We hope this helped clear up how to best choose what internet package you’re looking for. Here at YK, we understand life can get a little complicated – your internet speed doesn’t have to be!

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