Safeguard Your Services With Our Wire Protection Plan

YK Communications provides reliable, high quality services, but problems beyond our control can still occur.

For only $5.00/month, our Wire Protection Plan will cover the following:

• Repair or replacement of damaged telephone/Ethernet wiring and jacks

• Damage to all inside wiring or jacks due to lightning, power surge, or normal wear and tear

• Accidental damage caused by customer

• Damage inherent to defect of equipment

• All costs associated with repair, including standard labor and mileage

Our Wire Protection Plan does NOT cover these situations or items:

• Repair of customer-owned equipment including telephones, answering machines, routers, and computers

• Repair of wiring, cables, and cords connected to customer-owned equipment

• New installation of additional inside wiring or jacks

• Rewiring due to damage caused by fire, flood, natural disaster, vandalism, abuse, or misuse

• Damage caused by alarm companies, electricians, or other contractors

• Buried or aerial cable, including buried facilities between buildings

• Wiring that doesn’t meet minimum NEC wiring standards

• Move requests

• If inside wiring and jacks were not originally installed according to FCC Rules and Regulations (Part 6) as defined in the American National Standards Institute/Electronic Industries Alliance/Telecommunications Industry Association Building Wiring Standards, and the local building and fire codes

Terms and Conditions

The Wire Protection Plan will become effective on the date requested either in person, via a call or in writing, and it will remain in effect for a minimum of 12 months. At the end of 12 months, the Wire Protection Plan will continue until the customer requests, verbally or in writing, the termination of the service. Charges will be prorated to the customer in event there is a cancellation in services before the year minimum is met. The Wire Protection Plan is provided to customers for a small, monthly, per-building fee. Additional buildings must be covered with another Wire Protection Plan. Inside wiring is defined as the wire that runs from the YK Communications connection point to the telephone and/or Ethernet jacks in the home/office. A recreational vehicle is not a valid location and cannot be protected by the Wire Protection Plan.

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