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Businesses A Decade Ago

Managed wi-fi wasn’t even on the radar of office administrators 10 years ago. There was a time when business owners could simply purchase a powerful wireless router and plug it into the modem provided by their internet service provider. An I.T. professional or the office administrator would be responsible for setting it up, connecting the office’s wireless devices like printers and laptops to the network, and showing any new employees or users how to access the shared internet.

Unfortunately, this also meant that necessary firmware updates, hardware upgrades, and leveraging of any available usage reports took a backseat to other daily office responsibilities. In fact, most routers did little more than get unplugged for 30 seconds and plugged back in when troubleshooting called for it.

Today’s Businesses

We now operate in a world where guest wi-fi access is expected, security threats seem to get more complex and intrusive, and business requires printers, tablets, points of sale, and many other wireless devices.

With office administrators taking on responsibilities like accounting, reception, marketing, and everything else our businesses demand in 2018, there’s little time left to learn the complexities of wireless networks. That’s where Managed Wi-Fi solutions come in.

What Does Managed Wi-Fi Offer to Businesses?


A Managed Wi-Fi service offers peace of mind for many reasons. When it comes to data security, firmware updates are key. A cyber attack or otherwise malicious effort to gain access to your wireless network and proprietary data can be thwarted by routine security updates and upgrades to firewalls. As a YK Communications Managed Wi-Fi customer, you get to reap the benefits of an uncompromised network and never have to worry about your system being neglected and left unprotected.

Predictable, Scalable Performance

Because a Managed Wi-Fi service is installed, calibrated, and managed by professionals, you’re unlikely to have issues like dead spots, experience weak signal in that one corner of your office, or run in to problems when it’s time to expand.

Expert technicians will make sure the wireless access point is placed in an optimal location depending on the layout of your building and the usual position of wireless devices demanding access within the space. Because of this, your managed wi-fi network will perform better and provide superior connectivity.

This also means when it’s time for an expansion or when new users are added, it’s as simple as calling YK Communications to ask questions and make changes to your system. Your professionally installed and managed network can grow with your business so productivity and efficiency is never compromised.

Having a Complete Networking Department Without the Cost

To receive similar benefits, your business would have to invest in a skilled team and the equipment necessary to remotely access and manage your network. Because technology and infrastructure is ever-changing, it’d also be prudent to invest in continuing education to keep that team on their toes.

It’s easy to see why an affordable monthly service fee would be worth getting all the benefits of Managed Wi-Fi without the hassle and expense of an internal team.

Is Your Business Ready for 2019?

YK Communications offers professional Managed Wi-Fi service so your business can operate full steam ahead without the fear of data breaches, weak signal, inflexibility, and enormous cost. Learn more about Managed Wi-Fi on our website.

Our team is always available to answer questions about this service, and we’re just a call away at 361-771-3334.

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