VP of Regulatory & Compliance Bill Rakowitz Voted onto Texas Lone Star Network Board of Directors

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YK Communications of Ganado, Jackson County, Texas is proud to recognize its Vice President of Regulatory & Compliance Bill Rakowitz as being voted onto the Texas Lone Star Network (TLSN) board of directors. Board elections took place on the final day of the TLSN annual meeting of members on July 23rd, 2021 in Burnet, Texas.I’m proud to represent our rural Texas Service Providers and work with the outstanding board members of TLSN on this mission.

TLSN is a consortium of 41 rural Texas telecommunications carriers established in 1998 to coordinate the completion of the member-owned statewide fiber optic network.

Bill Rakowitz has been involved with TLSN as a manager of a Member-Owner company since it was created.

“While Transport continues to be a big part of TLSN, we will be looking at new and additional ways the organization can provide support to our member owners with bandwidth growth, IP services and technologies,” he said. “Anytime we can help a Member Owner secure better broadband services and technologies, we’ve assisted in a win for rural Texans! I’m proud to represent our rural Texas Service Providers and work with the outstanding board members of TLSN on this mission.”

YK Communications congratulates Bill on his accomplishment as well as his decades of service to rural telecommunications providers and their customers across the state of Texas.

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