Our Top 5 Streaming TV Service Picks

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In the ever-evolving world of media technology, streaming services are what you are seeing more and more of. Smart TV’s that can link to the internet now have streaming apps preloaded on them, computers are the obvious route…and even cell phones are viable forms of viewing streaming television. Have a look at our top 5!


With no annual contracts and multiple tiers of channels to choose from, DIRECTV NOW is a solid choice for streaming media. Their basic “Live a Little” package includes all your staples, from news outlets like Fox and CNN and NBC to your favorite entertainment channels like MTV and VH1. Sports? No problem. And if you’re a real entertainment buff, their Gotta Have It package includes over 120 channels!

#2 Netflix

It’s a safe bet given you have access to the internet to be able to view this page that you’ve heard of Netflix. Essentially the mainstream pioneer of streaming services, Netflix even has its own very wide assortment of originals, such as the popular Stranger Things. Their originals have certainly become a focal point in their marketing.

#3 Hulu

Hulu is another one of the streaming services that’s been around quite a while and has started delving into its own originals. A great thing about Hulu is the speed at which some of the more popular TV shows, like South Park, have their episodes released to the service after airing via cable

#4 Amazon Video/Prime Video

A household name for your online shopping, Amazon has taken a place among the streaming services as well, included as part of their Prime program, or available on its own for a price very comparable to the other services. They too are taking the route of originals, such as The Man in the High Castle, and Transparent.

#5 Sling TV

The last on our top 5 list, Sling TV is the #1 Live TV streaming service based on the number of OTT households as reported by Comscore as of April 2017. The really solid thing about Sling TV is that they allow for a large degree of customization in terms of channels, rather than what some may consider being more arbitrary bundles.

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