Tips for Booting Up Your Tech Career

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It’s easy to have an idea of where you want to go and then wonder “Okay, what now?” There are plenty of options when it comes to starting a career path, but here are a few that we would recommend if you plan on going into the field of technology. 

Step 1: Explore Job Roles

It would be a little too simple to say that there is one umbrella, one-size-fits-all role in technology. Truthfully speaking, there are a myriad of roles and jobs available in this field that you can choose from based on your skill set and preference. Do some research on tech job roles before you commit to the first one you see.

Step 2: Learn As Much As You Can

Read, read, read. There are plenty of free books on software programming, or even just discussing how best to navigate the every day functions of your average programs that might prove an asset to future employers. Depending on the role you’re considering, just understanding the difference between Gmail and Outlook and how they function can give you an edge in getting your foot in the door.

Knowledge is king, and more often than not you can start your journey without first having to go to college. There’s no barrier stopping you from getting up to speed on free literature that is out there, and while college can be helpful, knowing more is often worth more. There’s nothing stopping you from starting today and seeing what skills you can attain. If and when you do decide to get into higher learning programs, you at least know the key terms and nuances of what you’re studying.

Step 3: Take a Class or a Workshop

Many community colleges and tech training centers offer weekend or evening workshops with entry-level lessons on programming, networking, and web development. There are also a plethora of online classes you can take that are fast and economical. If, like many, you benefit more from classroom-style teaching (rather than reading on your own) there are plenty of options to meet with professionals face-to-face and get “on the job training.” YK Communications even offers a program that helps youth dip their toes into the vast ocean that is a career in technology.

Step 4: Build A Site

In the age of Wix, Weebly, SquareSpace, and other template-based, drag-and-drop website builders, it’s important to be able to build from scratch using knowledge of HTML and JavaScript to display your skill with web technology. Experimenting – learning what works, what doesn’t, and why, can be a fun way to develop your knowledge of the internet and programming as they function today.

While some of these may seem like lofty goals, depending on how tech savvy you are from the beginning, it’s important when learning to try and break down lessons and fields of information into smaller more palatable pieces. YK Communications offers an internship to students who have interest in the world of technology which offers real-world experience, as well as a leg up on having someone to bounce ideas off of when it comes to technology. Why not start with someone who can discuss your ideas with face to face, and help you solve problems? Every journey starts with one step – why not take yours now? Sign up for our Tech Squad here!

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