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scammer or salesman stands outside a home

Beware of Summer Security Scams: Stay Protected with YK Communications

With the onset of summer and the increasing temperatures, many of us look forward to spending more time outdoors. However, this delightful season also brings along a less pleasant annual tradition – the influx of door-to-door salesmen, often peddling home security systems. While some represent legitimate companies, others exploit the summer spike in sales activity to blend in and prey…

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packages on doorstep inviting burglars

Top 5 Signs You’re an Easy Target for Burglars

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare — coming home to a place that’s been left in shambles. All your most prized possessions have been taken. All of the items you’ve worked so hard for — gone. You’ve been robbed. Are you an easy target for burglars? Unfortunately, many fall victim to burglary by getting stuck in the “that would never happen to…

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Save on Energy with Smart Home Technology

Do you ever feel like science fiction predicts reality sometimes?  If you consider things like Jarvis from Iron Man…it’s not so far out of the realm of possibility.  Home automation and products like Amazon Echo and Google Home have made controlling your home environment via voice commands and computer/phone applications a reality.  Aside from making controlling the home more effortless,…

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