Summer 2018: The Latest in Video Game Technology

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The internet is the platform for the current media revolution.  From print, to radio, to cable…now is the internet’s turn. Games are downloaded onto massive hard drives via the internet.  Massive hundred person individual games are played. Movies and television shows are “streamed” as often as they are broadcasted.  As video game technology improves in terms of things like the image quality, number of simultaneous players and size of maps increases, so too does the necessity for a high quality internet service provider.  Take a look at some tech contributing to this necessity.

Digital video game markets

Not a new company in its own right, Steam is a platform for purchasing and downloading tons of games, including new releases. Steam offers games utilizing some of the latest video game technology like VR systems. Steam is a PC platform, and with the right hardware, newer games can present absolutely stunning graphics. Some of these newer releases can really take up some hard drive space…and that means potentially hefty download times without the right ISP.  

Massive Multiplayer games

Surely, you’ve heard of Fortnite game by now, as it’s been in the mainstream news.  The popular Battle Royale mode supports 100 players at a time, in one simultaneous match on a huge map.   As video game technology advances, so too does support for more and more players. Large amounts of data need to be moved from player to server and vice versa, and that means quality internet connections are key to prevent the dreaded lag from stealing you that win.

Streaming services

Both PC and Console platforms offer access to popular media streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.  As image quality improves, again you’ll find that demand for a higher rate of data calls for high quality internet service.   Console video game technology and media streaming services are at this point advancing at just about the same pace as PC tech and those same media streaming services, as the latest consoles offer 4K image resolution.

Don’t let lag, choppy streamed video, and slow download speeds be the bane of your existence.  It’s becoming a digital world.

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