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By now, most 2020-2021 students are back into the socially-distanced, temperature-checked, or virtual swing of things. Parents and guardians have made tough decisions about attending school and the subsequent scheduling and caregiving plans during the COVID-19 pandemic. This has understandably caused undue stress and anxiety for many.

The last thing you should worry about as the students in your home leverage technology like never before is safety, security, and exposure to online threats. However, it’s an understandable concern. In fact, Calix recently conducted research with Moor Insights* to better understand what parents and guardians were most concerned about.

The top worries about those children being online were as follows:

  • 61% said they worried about possible exposure to inappropriate content or online predators
  • 53% claimed too much screen time was a concern
  • 47% mentioned security vulnerabilities leading to viruses and malware 

With those anxieties in mind, YK Communications wants customers to know that there are solutions available. With Whole Home Wi-Fi service that starts at just $5, tools like ExperienceIQ™ Parental Controls are made available.

ExperienceIQ™ subscribers gain access to:

  • Enhanced parental controls that give them the ability to enforce the rules they’ve established for their home.
  • Family profile tools to manage the content and hours of use for each connected device in the home.
  • Easy management through the CommandIQ™ mobile app. Subscribers will be less likely to call YK Communications’ support line.​ (But we’ll miss you!)

So, while you’re dealing with the ever-changing demands of this new way of teaching, monitoring, and attending school, look for stability and safety in your internet connection. YK Communications can help. Just a few of the ways parental controls can help you safeguard your child’s activities:

  1. Set content filters to ensure children have access to age appropriate content. 
  2. Create profiles to ensure that “school time” is being spent on school devices or within specific applications (and not on gaming or their favorite applications).  
  3. Schedule the days by setting screen time limits for specific times of day.  
  4. Limit the amount of time that is allowed for specific applications to ensure their child’s whole day isn’t spent on TikTok, or their favorite online gaming application.

Whether you have questions about taking advantage of parental controls using your existing YK Communications service or looking for a high-speed internet service provider with your needs in mind, we’re here for you. Call our team of friendly experts: 361-771-3334

*In May 2020, Calix collaborated with global technology analyst and advisory firm MOOR Insights & Strategy to conduct an online survey with over 1,200 American broadband subscribers. The results reveal insights and broad implications for communications service providers (CSPs) interested in understanding the high-level concerns and perceptions of their subscribers about online security, privacy, and parental controls.

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