Where is my system monitored?

The exact location of our monitoring station is not disclosed. We do use a UL approved monitoring station with state-of-the-art equipment and personnel.

Why was my Pass Code not accepted at the Central Station?

What Pass Code did you tell them? The Pass Code can be verified in the monitoring software. If you did not give the correct Pass Code, you will need to go into the office with a photo ID in order to obtain the correct Pass Code. If the Pass Code was correct, the Security Dealer can contact the Monitoring Service for explanation.

Can I receive notification of my alarm being armed or disarmed?

Yes — The information can be delivered to you at various time intervals or it can be e-mailed at various time intervals. Refer to current price schedule for pricing information.

Who do I call when I set my alarm off by accident and there is no real emergency?

Call our Local Number 877-509-5843 and request the Monitoring Station to cancel the alarm.

What happens when my system goes into alarm?

Your Alarm system transmits a signal to the Central Monitoring Station which in turn dispatches the signal based on your predetermined instructions. Normally we call the premise first, then the local emergency dispatcher, then your contact list.

How do I change my Pass Code?

If you have your current Pass Code, you can contact our business office or the Central Monitoring Station to change this information.

Do people on my Call List need my Pass Code?

This is your choice. In order for them to stop an alarm or get any information about your account, they will need this information.

Do people on my Call List need keys to my house?

This is a choice of the customer. It is a good idea for someone to be able to gain access to the house in the event of trouble or if the system should malfunction.

How can I test my security system?

Your salesperson should have supplied you with a guide on how to test your system.  This same guide is available in your control panel manual.  If you are not able to locate this guide, we can provide you with a copy.  We suggest that you test your system monthly.

My alarm went off and no one called me. What does this mean?

Two possible explanations: 1) A dialer delay may be active on your system. If this is the case, you may have turned your system off before the signal was transmitted. Or 2) there may have been an interruption in your phone service which prevented the signal from being transmitted. The signal history can be checked in the monitoring software to see if the signal was received.

How many people can I have on my call list?

We recommend at least three. If you need more they can be added.

What are the operating hours of the Central Station?

The Central Monitoring Station is manned 24 hours per day 7 days a week by trained monitoring operators.

How long will it take for my alarm signal to reach the monitoring company?

This will vary based on your system’s communication format. Typically, the signal is received in less than a minute.

What are your response procedures for my alarm?

All signals are verified back to the premise.  Then, the local emergency dispatcher is notified.  Next, the customer’s Contact List is called. In the event of a Panic Alarm or Duress Alarm, we dispatch the law enforcement first, then call the customer’s Contact List.

My alarm went off and the Police never came. What does this mean?

Actual Police response is the police department’s decision. The Alarm History can be checked in the monitoring software.

Can you reset my alarm from the monitoring station?


Do I have to respond when the alarm goes off?

Actual response by a key holder is best. Some jurisdictions require a key holder (proprietor) to respond when the Police are dispatched. It is not always possible for the Police to provide the Monitoring Station with a final resolution.

We do leave messages on the Customer's Contact List, but we do not leave messages at the premise number for anything other than trouble alarms.

We have no way of knowing the exact conditions of why your battery may being going down. For your safety, we make you aware of this condition so you may take appropriate action. Low battery signals can be removed from your account but cannot be put on time schedules.

Do you leave messages when calling about an alarm?

We do leave messages on the Customer’s Contact List, but we do not leave messages at the premise number for anything other than trouble alarms.

Why did you call the PD first on a Panic alarm?

Police are dispatched first on Panic alarms.

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