Save on Energy with Smart Home Technology

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Do you ever feel like science fiction predicts reality sometimes?  If you consider things like Jarvis from Iron Man…it’s not so far out of the realm of possibility.  Home automation and products like Amazon Echo and Google Home have made controlling your home environment via voice commands and computer/phone applications a reality.  Aside from making controlling the home more effortless, smart home technology can also save energy (and money).


The first thing that probably comes to mind when you hear the term “energy bill” is the thermostat.  Climate control can get quite expensive, especially during hot Texas summers.  With energy-saving apps like Honeywell’s Total Connect app linked to smart thermostat technology, you can control your thermostat from your cell phone.  Since these apps and devices utilize your home network, make sure your home broadband internet system is also running inexpensive and fast!


The next thing that probably comes to mind in terms of energy usage in the home is lighting.  With the ability to create schedules, and again operate the system via a phone, no more wasting electricity by forgetting to turn the lights off!  With modern bulb technology, like LIFX bulbs, the brightness of the bulbs can also be adjusted, so areas that don’t need quite as much light depending on the time of year and how the sun is shining don’t require changing bulbs out by wattage.  Again, this smart home technology works through your home network, so fast, reliable internet is a must.


Speaking of sunshine, it can really heat up a home.  Fortunately, there are even smart blinds, like the aptly named MySmartBlinds.  An energy saving mode allows them to close automatically when they heat up.  Like the rest of these products and apps, they can also be controlled via your home broadband internet network, so save money on energy bills by automating your home with these apps and YK products & services.

New and existing customers: If you’re interested to hear how smart home technology and security can save you money on energy and keep you safe, call YK Communications to review your current internet bill to see how YKC can save them money: 361-771-3334.

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