Carrier Ethernet Transport

Carrier Ethernet Transport, supported by a 10 Gbps fully redundant Ethernet transport network, are designed for medium to large enterprise customers. Our Ethernet infrastructure provides high-bandwidth Ethernet to your business at a lower cost than traditional telco circuits.

Benefits Include:
  • High-Band Width Circuits.- Whether for Internet access, point-to-point or multi-point connectivity, YK Communications’ symmetrical downstream and upstream speeds are well suited for a variety of networked business applications.
  • Scalability.- It’s easy to increase bandwidth — all it takes is a phone call to YK Communications. Eliminate the need to order additional circuits, wait weeks for installation, and pay expensive installation charges.
  • Expandability.- Add connectivity to new locations with little or no out-of-service interruptions over connections starting at 10 Mbps.
  • Enhanced Reliability.- Your business can rely on YK Communications’ local network connectivity to the Texas Lone Star Network (TLSN). TLSN is a consortium of independent telephone companies connecting rural Texas communities with larger cities around the state and nationwide over an advanced fiber optic network.
  • Efficiency.- By connecting different locations, employees appear as if they’re working in the same building, increasing productivity and customer value. Carrier Ethernet can also provide more speed at a lower cost while leveraging your existing LAN infrastructure and IT staff resources.

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