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Ah, the Internet of Things. Car keys that find themselves, lights that change based on the weather report, and so many other techie finds that make us feel more like the Jetsons as we add them to our lives. If you’ve got a tech lover in your life, we’ve got the gift ideas to have them feeling holly and jolly on Christmas morning. Check out our gift guide for tech lovers below:

iGrill by Weber

For the cook in your life, we’ve got a futuristic new way to keep an eye on your grill. Enter the iGrill by Weber, the well-known grill and seasoning masters.

No more opening the grill to check grill marks or poking at steaks to check doneness. This tool and app will monitor up to 4 cuts of meat while you step away from the smoke and notify you via smartphone app when they’re ready to be plated and served. Yum!


Vehicle crashes, parking lot dings, traffic stops, car break-ins, and other automotive OMG moments call for video surveillance. Use the dual-direction mounted dash cam for insurance, legal disputes, and proving to your buddies that the Chupacabra really walked out in front of your car that one time at deer camp.

Recordings are on a 14-day loop, accessible via smartphone or computer in real-time, and it also features a siren and floodlights in case of break-in.


Move over boring ol’ essential oil diffusers! We’ve got a super techie way to disperse those feel-good scents. Moodo is a smart aroma diffuser that allows you to customize scents based on your mood and lifestyle.

Choose 4 high-quality scent capsules to keep loaded in your Moodo, then mix and match to find your perfect scent. Schedule bright citrus-y notes for an energizing wake up, then a calming lavender sandalwood for an evening wind down.

iClever Smart Plug

Turn any electronic device in your home into a smart device by connecting to an iClever Smart Plug. Each plug connects to Google Assistant and Alexa and can be controlled through voice or app. Have your bedside lamp turn on when your alarm goes off. Have your electric blanket begin heating when you say “Alexa, it’s time for bed.” The possibilities are endless.

With other options like outdoor smart plugs, power strips, and more, it would seem your stocking stuffer shopping is done!

Merry Christmas and Happy Giving!

It’s important to remember that when your home is full of tech gear, and when there’s a sudden increase in usable devices in your home, it can take a toll on your internet bandwidth. If tech gift giving is going to put a strain on your current high-speed internet plan, it’s time we talk.

Our specialists can be reached at 361-771-3334. A friendly voice will take stock of how many devices and what type of usage is occurring to better determine which speed is best for your home. We want to be sure you’re getting the best smart home and Internet of Things experience possible.

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