Internet, Voice, and Security: The New Home Checklist

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Just moved into a new home, or about to?  There’s a few things you’re going to want to accomplish right off the bat to make settling in go as smoothly as possible.  Here’s some suggestions to add to your new home checklist.

1. Unpack

Goes without saying, which is why it’s being said first to get it out of the way.  But if it’s not unpacked within 365 days… you know it’s not ever getting unpacked.

2. Change your address

You’ll be wanting to get your mail, and any old roommates will be NOT wanting to get yours, so head over to USPS and change your address/set up mail forwarding.

3. Say hi to the neighbors

Unless you staunchly maintain a reclusive nature, introduce yourself to the people around you.  Keeping up a friendly relationship with your neighbors can only lead to good things (including immediate help, if you ever need it!)

4. Television services

There’s too many good shows out there to miss.  You’ll be wanting some downtime after all the chaos and unpacking, and what better way than to flip on DirecTV and relax alone, or with the fam and friends?

5. Broadband internet

Soon after, especially with streaming media being all the rage, you’ll want to quickly set up your internet connection for communication and those streaming services, along with the myriad of other applications the wonders of the internet provide.

6. Establish security systems

Your family and your safety is paramount.  Beyond that, you’ve worked hard for your property.  Keep them safe…establish a good security system to keep you, yours, and all you’ve worked for secure.  Alarms, tracking services, and emergency response systems are better to have and not need, than need and not have.

7. Establish video monitoring systems

Similarly, adding video monitoring systems like CloudCam to your new home checklist can provide a peace of mind, and evidence in the future should the worst happen.  Video evidence can help locate criminals who have made poor decisions on your property… or even remove blame should a false accusation be made against you.

8. Voice services

Home or business telephone services provide a local source for making and receiving calls.  Make sure your residence or business is connected for voice communications!

9. Check again to make sure everything works

Presumably before the purchase of your new home, you did a walkthrough and tested out the necessities.  Now’s the time to look for anything you may have missed…better to identify a potential or small problem before it becomes chaos.

10. Figure out the nuances of your climate control

Let’s face it, the temperature sensors in your home can’t be everywhere at once to regulate the climate inside.  Figure out which rooms cool and heat easiest and maintain temperature early on so you can avoid sweating or freezing at 3AM trying to dial in your thermostat.

 Contact the experts at YK Communications at (361) 771-3334 and cross several items off your new home checklist with one phone call.

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