Home Security, Monitoring Options to Protect Your Family

Regardless of what neighborhood you live in, home security can prove to be an invaluable asset in your daily life. Guaranteeing the safety of your family, your valuables, your property and your peace of mind is paramount, for obvious reasons, but let’s discuss a few less common reasons for investing in home security.

1. Protect Your Home and Loved Ones from Fire

While home intrusion seems to be the immediate thought that comes to mind when considering home security, alarm systems also can give additional protection in cases of fire. Smoke alarms should be in place but home security systems can offer an early warning system. Many newer systems can detect not only smoke from a fire, but heat. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, in thirty seconds a small fire can turn into a full-blown fire. These facts more than justify the investment of a home security system that will signal for authorities to respond to a house fire.

2. Constant Monitoring for Your Home

One of the biggest benefits to investing in a monitored is that it can provide monitoring when you are unable to do it yourself. Leaving town, either for business or on vacation – to visit family during the holidays – can be stressful even when you have home security so purchasing a system that offers constant monitoring will insure that someone is always available to respond to emergency situations. These systems are not quite house sitters but monitor significant events and dispatch emergency personnel when needed.

3. Remote Access to Security Systems

Having the ability to keep an eye on your home while you’re away is one of the bigger perks of having a home alarm system. Some systems allow you to arm and disarm, while others go so far as allowing you to watch for intruders from your phone. This kind of access sometimes come with additional perks such as being able to turn household lights on and off, air conditioning or heating to be turned on, and motion detectors to be monitored.

4. Save on Homeowners Insurance

While buying homeowners insurance is mandatory, it is not required for you to pay more than you should. Shopping around is important, but there are other ways to help yourself here. Generally there is a significant discount for homeowners who have also invested in a home security system. The discount amount usually depends on what features the system has. In general homeowners receive 10-20% discount on their insurance by having a home alarm system installed.

5. Get Medical Assistance When Needed

Medical conditions are an ever present concern for many homeowners and many alarm companies offer medical alert pendants or emergency pulls. These are designed to allow the individual to press a button or pull a cord to have emergency service dispatched to their address. For families with sick or special needs individuals, this service is invaluable – signaling authorities or medical help for assistance in the event of seizures or other medical emergencies. This feature is often not standard but be sure to ask if you would like to know if it’s available.

6. Reduce Energy Consumption in Your Home

Home automation, while relatively new and not offered by many home security companies yet, is becoming very popular. This kind of service offers the homeowner access and control over their lighting, thermostat, and in some cases, small appliances. Utilizing this to shut down heating and cooling, and adjust for when they plan on being back in home can help save money on their electric bills. It is also beneficial in the fact that it may help deter intruders by creating the illusion that there are people home when they are not.

YK Communications features a variety of home (and business) security packages that we can cater to your needs. We offer optional system components to provide home health security for seniors, monitoring of children’s in-home movements, added protection for valuables, and detection of carbon monoxide, temperature changes, and flooding. Call us about our FREE Basic Security System with installation!

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