Hottest Tech Gifts of 2022

Child opening Christmas gift
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When it comes to the hottest holiday gifts, technology is king. Finding the best around means embracing the latest technology trends. Here are some winning ideas sure to bring Christmas cheer to everyone on your list!

Tonal Workout Mirror

Perfect for the fitness guru in your family. This modern home gym solution has customizable personal training options for multiple users. Real time progress monitoring and biometric data collection tracks your fitness data. The sleek design fades to the background of your living space when not in use. Explore equipment options at

Kindle Paperwhite

The ideal mix of practical and extravagant, sure to impress. The Paperwhite’s large screen allows the bookworm in your family to sink into a good book, or browse the web with ease. The 2022 edition is available on

Aura Frame

A Wi-Fi  compatible Aura Frame is a thoughtful grandparent gift! Pre-load the frame with pictures and add and update the photo feed from miles away for a gift that keeps on giving. Personalize your frame at

Viewsonic Portable LED Smart Projector

Be ready to host the backyard party with the mostest. Hardwire the projector to a computer or stream your favorite content for a full screen showing anywhere! Many options are available from

Meater Wireless Meat Thermometer

Help Dad maintain his Grill Master status! Download the app, set the probes and enjoy the afternoon with family without having to stand by the grill. Get temperature updates and alarms in real time to your phone. Snag one for dad at

Of course, filling your home with the latest gadgets brings efficiency and smiles for the whole family, but can also mean lagging internet speeds and tech troubles if you’re not set up for success. Router positioning and bandwidth availability are key when powering smart home technology. It’s wise to use the weeks leading up to the holiday to ensure your internet can keep up with your Christmas wish list!

Set yourself up for success ahead of the holidays by optimizing your home Wi-Fi. Call us at 361-771-3334 or contact us online to plan ahead with an internet upgrade!

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