What is my Pass Code -- Can you give it to me over the phone?

For your protection Pass Codes are not given out over the phone. Photo identification is required to receive this confidential information.

Are there any charges for False Alarms?

Some jurisdictions do have False Alarm Ordinances. Charges for False Alarms vary between Jurisdictions.  Jackson, Wharton, and Matagorda currently do not charge for false alarms.

Are permits or registration required for local authorities?

Some jurisdictions do require you to register or permit your alarm system. Jackson, Wharton, and Matagorda county residents are not required to register their alarm systems, but we do recommend that you make your law enforcement agency aware that you had one installed.  We have a form that we recommend you complete and send in to them.  Customers that reside within the City of Port Lavaca are required to have a current security system permit.  Contact the City of Port Lavaca for rates and details.

Is there a charge for permits or registration?

Some Jurisdictions do charge for permits and registration. What jurisdiction do you live in and we will check to see what may be required.

I was notified by the Central Station of a Low Battery - What should I do?

Did you lose power before you received the call? If so, how long was the power out? The battery should maintain the system for 24 hours. If you did not lose power or the power was off only a short period, the Battery should be replaced. If the power was out a longer period of time, the Battery should recharge. If the battery does not recharge properly you will be notified again in 24 hours.

Do I need to remove motion or smoke detectors while painting the area?

The detectors normally can be painted around - DO NOT PAINT THE DETECTORS. If you wish to take them down, we can schedule a service call.

Where can I purchase batteries for the alarm?

All of the batteries in the system, except for the keypad, can be changed by the end user. Please provide the type of detector or control panel. The batteries are available at our Business Office or we can schedule a service call ----Charges may apply.

Can I update my account information while I am out of town?

With your proper Pass Code, your account information can be updated at any time either by calling our Business Office or the Central Monitoring Station.

How can I help to prevent false alarms from my alarm system?

Please refer to your user manual. False alarms can be reduced by being familiar with the system and the operation of properly arming and disarming the system. Train all persons who may be using your system. Test the system on a regular basis --- Monthly or Weekly. Be sure all devices are clear of dust and cob-webs and are properly mounted.

Will my insurance be discounted and what do I need to give to them?

Each insurance company varies on their discount. An insurance certificate can be found in your user manual or we can supply you with one to submit to your insurance company.

Can a power surge cause the system to alarm?

Depending the type of surge, you could experience an alarm from a strong surge. The equipment we installed has been designed and tested to resist False Alarms during power surges.

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