Retirement of Emails

Effective December 31, 2022, YK will discontinue offering our email service ( Why are we making this change? Fewer and fewer customers have been using YK email in recent years, yet the service still requires considerable time and money for us to support. It simply doesn’t make sense to continue investing resources in YK email.


Instead, we’ll focus on our priority — providing you with high-speed internet.


You’ll need to transition to a new email service, such as Gmail, before the end of this year. Gmail is free and provides abundant storage space and a wide variety of handy tools. Additionally, a Gmail account is portable, meaning you can keep your email address should you ever move out of the YK service area. To help make this email transition as easy as possible for you, YK will soon provide step-by-step guides on how to open a Gmail account and related tasks. In the meantime, you can visit for instructions.


You also have the option to sign up for another email service such as Mail or iCloud Mail


Once you’ve set up a new email account to replace your YK one, you can access our how-to guides on topics including:

  • Having emails received at your YK email address automatically forwarded to your new address.
  • Having senders receive a notification of your new email address.
  • Downloading existing YK emails and contacts.


If your YK email address is your contact email for YK services, please call us at 361.771.3334 to update your account with your new email address. If you’re using your YK email address as a username or contact for any of your online billing accounts or social media accounts, we suggest you update those accounts with your new email address as soon as possible.


After January 1, 2023, any email received at your YK email address will prompt an “Invalid Email Address” message to go to the sender, and the email will not be forwarded or delivered.

How to Move Your YK Email to a New Account

Check out these How-To Guides for help with the switch over process:

Next Step: Let Us Know Your New Email!

Scroll to the bottom of the last email you received from YK and click the link to “Update Profile.” It looks like this:

Update Profile link at the bottom of a YK email

You will receive an email to your current YK email address. Clicking the button in that email will allow you to update your YK Profile, which will change your email in our system. This will NOT update your email for billing or sales purposes. We ask you give us a call to make any changes to your customer information.

We understand that saying goodbye to an old email address and switching to a new one may seem a bit intimidating. If you have any questions or would like help with this process, please stop by the YK office or call us at (361) 771-3334. Our team is ready to fully support you!

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