Company Culture and Its Importance in a Small Business

Company Culture
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As a leading provider of business communication technology and a family-owned business ourselves, we know a thing or two about organizational culture. We’ve put together some quick facts about company culture and invite you to share your thoughts in the comments.

What is Company Culture?

Culture can be defined as the practices, accomplishments, values, norms, or general beliefs of a certain group of individuals. Organizational culture defines an organization’s working environment. What defines your business on a daily basis is not only the spoken but the unspoken behaviors you have. It also reflects how employees feel about working there. Vendors, customers, and potential employees can get a clear picture of what you are all about just by observing the way you work together. 

Mission, objectives, values, leadership, employee expectations, structured performance management, and levels of engagement are all part of organizational culture. Businesses can build a strong culture by aligning their strategies. They can provide consistency and direction. They can also guide decisions and actions to help motivate their employees and enabling them to reach their potential.

Take a look back on how our YK Team feels about our company culture:

YK Careers: As Told By Our Employees

Signs Your Company’s Culture is Strong

Low employee turnover

Good company culture can be measured by its long-term employees. Moreover, happy, engaged employees who are offered growth opportunities are more likely to stay with a company.

Budding friendships

True friendships are fostered in a good work environment. You know that the professional dynamic will be just as positive when coworkers choose to spend time together outside of the office.

Engaging activities

During business hours and outside of them, a good company culture encourages employee involvement and provides positive, fun opportunities for employee development. The level of employee involvement indicates the success of a company culture.


A culture of insecurity and uncertainty is created by secrets or poor communication from management. The culture of a positive workplace encourages transparency. All team members can be aware of where the company is going and where they stand.

Celebrating successes

The best companies recognize their employees’ achievements on a regular basis to show the value they bring.

Minimal office politics

Employees feel valued and heard in a positive work environment. Office politics and gossip do not belong in a healthy work environment. One of the most important aspects of your professional life will be the culture of the workplace, whether you’re growing your own business, accepting a job offer from a new employer or seeking a job.

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