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Keep an eye on things with CloudCam Solutions

Who says you can’t be everywhere at once? With CloudCam Solutions from YK Communications, you can keep an eye on your home or business with an easy-to-use app—anytime, anywhere, on your iPhone®, iPad® or Android™ device.

Benefits of CloudCam Solutions

Cloud Accessibility
CloudCam Solutions enable you to access and download your video streams from anywhere in the world at any time. Your data is stored at our data center, which eliminates the risk of damaged or stolen on-site DVR units.

Flexibility for Growth
The flexible infrastructure can easily change as the needs of your business or family grows. Want additional cameras or storage? No problem, just give us a call.

Unbeatable Value, No Hidden Costs
We keep our prices as low as possible, without any hidden fees, charges or loopholes. Not only will you save money by not having to purchase, maintain or replace hardware, you also benefit from our regular service upgrades and free inclusions including mobile apps.

Identify Thieves, Be Safe
Unfortunately, theft and burglary are commonplace. Should something happen to you, CloudCam Solutions allow you to take control, identify thieves through the surveillance video, and assess the situation from a position of safety. You can receive motion detection and camera offline alerts. You can also provide evidence to the authorities, as your video is safe in the cloud where it can’t be stolen.

Your Video is Protected
YK Communications understands you need security for your video content. That’s why this content is protected by our firewalls and all traffic between our servers is fully encrypted for maximum security.

Local Technical Support
You get help when you need it from a local company you know and trust — YK Communications.

Don’t Wait for Property Crime to Happen to You

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, approximately 89.2% of all crime in the U.S. is property crime. The total value of reported property stolen during 2014 in Texas was nearly $2,000,000. The time to equip your home or business with security cameras is now.

Security cameras are known to reduce incidents such as:
Customer Shoplifting
Property Vandalism
False Accusations

Security cameras can also reduce the costs associated with crimes

Consider these statistics:

• Employee theft represents 48% of all business losses.
• Shoplifting represents 31% of all business losses.
• Robbery occurs every 46 seconds according to the Department of Justice.
• Assault against employees or clients/customers can lead to liability lawsuits.
• Vendor theft is an issue, since most businesses rely on vendors that leave product or perform services after hours.

The installation of cameras can greatly increase the level of security for your business, and cameras in clear view can deter potential thieves who prefer a less risky target.

CloudCam Solutions

Premium Service

$ 25
per month
per 8 cameras
  • 30 Days Record Time

Equipment Options

Premium Camera

$ 15
per month
per camera
  • 1080p Quality
  • Infrared, Audio Enabled
  • Indoor/Outdoor

Professional Camera

$ 25
per month
per camera
  • 1080p Quality
  • Infrared, Audio Enabled
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Optical Zoom
  • Enhanced Features


G3 Pro Camera (Outdoor)

G3 Pro Camera

G3 Bullet Camera (Outdoor)

G3 Bullet Camera

G3 Flex Camera (Indoor/Outdoor)

G3 Flex Camera

G3 Micro Camera (Indoor)

G3 Micro Camera

G3 Dome Camera (Indoor)

G3 Dome Camera

Standard Installation

Account Configuration

$ 95
per account
  • one-time service fee

Standard Installation

$ 25
per device
  • one-time service fee


24-month agreement required. Additional equipment and installation may be required. Listed price requires service to be combined with Internet services. See store for details.

Account maintenance, extended configuration, and assistance with exporting video is not included with the monthly CloudCam Solutions service, but is available at our standard hourly service fee.

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