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Faster Internet is fortifying today’s teachers with numerous fresh starts, creating increased sharing of information. In seconds full, audio option libraries appear on tablets and computer screens. Students grow through wider experiences, tapping the imagination and allowing them to react responsively. There is a natural responsiveness to accumulating knowledge when more people are connected. Broadband expands the classroom as the teacher expands information opportunities. YK Communications is committed to helping educators and students know the splendor of connected learning.

Here are a few of our favorites:
• A classroom flight simulator in Pittsburgh with embedded iPads for each student in a part video game part classroom experience. Watch it in action.

• Virtual field trips that take advantage of videoconferencing/Skype and even telepresence robots to allow students to see and experience new places. Go Deeper Video.

• A technology playground for teachers that offers digital media and technology applications to energize and inspire teachers in learning through technology. Find Out More.

Technology and high speed Internet have become such an integral part of the education process that a bill has been introduced in the U.S. Senate that pushes to improve student access to the Internet and other digital learning resources. Called the Digital Learning Act of 2015, the bill encourages creativity in bringing technology and education together.

At YK Communications, we are proud to offer a fiber-optic network that provides the speeds needed for education innovation. And our school children have our community and our customers to thank for it. A local network is about community. Because you have supported this network with your patronage, we are able to provide the technology of the future.

To help inspire teachers (and parents) in this back to school season, we’re sharing some new ideas (found online) that make learning fun:
• Candy and colors help teach counting and matching. More
• A soda and candy science experiment helps students learn to create and test their hypotheses. More
• Use your iPad to share new ideas, collaborate and have fun learning together. More
Find out how Elsa from Frozen can help your preschooler learn Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Let’s inspire each other! Share your ideas and “finds” on how to make learning fun on our Facebook Page.

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