Fiber Optic Splicing Technician

Department: Plant Operations
Reports To: Director of Plant Operations
Status: Full-Time
Salary: Base Salary, Full-Time Benefits (Medical, Dental, Prescription, 401K)


General Summary
Responsible for the splicing, testing, and maintenance of fiber optic cabling and components in both the outside plant and central office. This position will play a key role in the design, installation, and maintenance of the outside plant network.


Essential Job Functions
· Splices network feeder, distribution, and drop cables
· Prepares and assembles splice enclosures as per manufacture specifications
· Terminates fiber optic cables to patch panels and cabinets in the field and central offices
· Bonds and grounds cables and associated facilities
· Prepares and installs network interface devices at demarcation point
· Tests and qualifies all cabling before and after installation
· Troubleshoots and isolates cable faults with fiber optic test equipment
· Assists engineering with cable count assignments
· Prepares and maintains detailed plant records for all new and existing splicing assignments
· Labels and identifies all cables and count assignments at all access points
· Maintains accurate records of all inventory items issued and used on a per work order basis
· Performs emergency restorations of critical services
· Uses cable locating and GPS equipment to aid in field verification for engineering projects
· Recommends preventative maintenance tasks to management
· Updates management of new products and procedures
· Possibly work in small, confined spaces
· Work outdoors in a variety of weather conditions
· Performs all other related duties as assigned by management


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

· Knowledge of fiber optic testing equipment and practices including power meters, light sources, OTDR, CD, and PMD
· Knowledge of various manufacturers and models of splice enclosures
· Knowledge of different types of fiber and connectors
· Knowledge of basic fiber optic transmission theory
· Knowledge of basic OSP engineering and construction practices
· Knowledge of cable counts and assignments
· Knowledge of NEC, NESC, and RUS standards
· Knowledge of state and federal safety regulations
· Ability to pay close attention to detail
· Ability to mentor co-workers and subordinates
· Ability to interpret staking sheets, maps, and instruction manuals
· Ability to work independently and make sound technical decisions
· Valid state driver’s license and non-negligent driving record
· Meet 275lbs weight limit due to safety restrictions
· Ability to lift and move up to 80lbs
· Excellent communication skills, customer service skills, and work ethic
· Highly organized, analytical, and able to work with minimal supervision
· Ability to adapt to changing priorities, technologies, responsibilities, and meet deadlines
· Proficient in MS Office software
· Qualification on pre-employment screening


Education and Experience

· Industry related training
· Apprenticeship or vocational education desirable
· 3 years relevant job experience
· Experience testing and fusion splicing loose tube and ribbon cable
· Experience with prepping and installing various models of splice enclosures, access terminals, and NIDs
· Experience with live cut overs on critical services
· GIS and OSP design experience desirable

Resumes may be submitted to


Equal Opportunity Employer to all individuals, YKC does not discriminate in employment opportunities or practices on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law.

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