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Johnnie Gresham started this family business in Louise in 1997 and has covered many miles since then. Gresham Trucking supplies road-base materials including limestone, gravel, and
caliche to locations where roads or pads are being built. The company owns 20 trucks and has about 20 employees.

His wife Lanette Gresham says, “Johnnie has run Gresham Trucking all along. For many years, I had a separate job. But recently, our daughter Lauren Zboril and I have been more involved with the business and help Johnnie manage the day-to-day operations.”

She adds, “We have a great team in place including our drivers, mechanics, and office staff. They care about this business and our customers, and they communicate well with each other. People know they can rely on Gresham Trucking. I think that’s why we’ve grown during our 20-year history. We deliver what we promise.”

Gresham Trucking relies on YK Communications to deliver broadband, voice, and security services, as does the Gresham family at their homes.

“I can’t imagine running a business without internet service, and our broadband connection from YK Communications is always fast and dependable. We’ve never had any problems with the internet or with our voice service,” notes Lanette.

Gresham Trucking maintains yards in Louise and Gillett, and the security system installed at these locations is Johnnie’s favorite YK Communications service, according to Lanette. She explains, “Johnnie likes having the ability to keep an eye on the materials and equipment in these yards when he’s not there by checking the surveillance footage on his smartphone. It’s very convenient.”

Convenience is also a benefit of the Gresham’s home security system. “We can remotely manage this security system from our smartphones while we’re away, so if we leave and forget to set it at the house, we can handle it from the road. Plus, having home security gives us peace of mind,” she says.

What’s coming down the road for Gresham Trucking? It will no doubt be continued success.

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