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The City of El Campo is known as “The Pearl of the Prairie.” But what if you had to describe this city in just one word — what would it be? We asked that question of Courtney Sladek,
Director of Finance, and she answered, “Community.”

It’s a good choice, since community-minded activities abound. Whether it’s residents working together in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey or businesses teaming up for economic
development projects, the City of El Campo is all about community.

Another example is the strong partnership between the City of El Campo and YK Communications.

It takes place on two levels: The City of El Campo is one of the communities in the YK Communications service area and is also a customer of broadband and voice services.

Part of the original YK Communications fiber build-out in the City of El Campo was installing a direct fiber connection from City Hall to the new Public Safety building. YK
Communications provides three different broadband connections to these buildings, with internet speeds ranging from 1 Gig to 20 Mbps, as well as 23 voice lines and more than 100 Direct Inward Dialing (DID) numbers.

Sladek notes, “We’ve been very impressed with the service from YK Communications.

From the initial planning to implementation, their staff was always attentive, professional, and responsive. I received calls or emails regularly from YK Communications regarding the progress of our installation. We love having a local provider. We’ve also saved money since transitioning to YK Communications; the value is incredible.”

In addition, Sladek appreciates the contributions YK Communications makes to the City of El Campo. “YK Communications has a real presence in our community. I’ve seen their presentations at Rotary Club and their involvement in local scholarships and sponsorships.

YK Communications is committed to their customers, and this makes them stand apart from other providers,” she says.

More good things are ahead for the City of El Campo. Phase 2 of the El Campo fiber build-out is now underway and YK Communications expects it to be finished by the end of this year.

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