Loving It Local: Giveaways, Graduates, and Goings On – Ganado, Markham, and Louise

YK Communications has been busy! We’re proud to support the communities we serve, and the last month has been a testament to our mission. We’ve had an exciting time offering giveaways, honoring local high school graduates from Ganado, Tidehaven, and Louise schools, hosting special events, and supporting youth sports. We hope you’re following along with […]

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15 Ways Broadband Improves Our Rural Community #ruraliscool

On April 20th, 2016, Hudson Institute released “The Economic Impact of Rural Broadband,” a report commissioned by the Foundation for Rural Service (FRS). That got us thinking, how many community benefits can we list? We know that towns like Ganado, Louise, Markham and others in the Jackson, Wharton, and Matagorda county area are making use […]

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The Top 5 Thanksgiving Weekend Activities Require an Internet Connection


Technology and Thanksgiving fun go hand in hand. Sharing just a few ways your YK Communications high speed Internet connection can stuff your holiday with family fun.
Some of the most special Thanskgiving memories are around the table — learning to set the table, using plates and […]

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Gadgets and Games

YKC Has the High Speed Network Required for Fall Family Fun
Fall is family fun time! Whether you’re looking online to find the best corn maze to visit or planning a Family Movie or Online Gaming Night, YK Communications has the High Speed Internet you can plug all your gadgets into (at one time) for a […]

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The Best School Year Ever

The Ideal Internet Speed + Creative Online Tips = The Best School Year Ever

Busy Parents – We have two tips for a great school year:

#1 – Make sure you have the ideal Internet speed for all the multiple devices and users in your household.

#2 – Go online for new ideas, how-tos and let your imagination […]

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Classroom Creativity Is Being Redefined by Technology

Faster Internet is fortifying today’s teachers with numerous fresh starts, creating increased sharing of information. In seconds full, audio option libraries appear on tablets and computer screens. Students grow through wider experiences, tapping the imagination and allowing them to react responsively. There is a natural responsiveness to accumulating knowledge when more people are connected. Broadband […]

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