YK Communications Begins Phase 3 of El Campo Fiber Project

El Campo Fiber Expansion Includes Highway 71 South from Highway 59 to the community of Danevang

YK Communications has announced that Phase 3 of the El Campo fiber project is now underway and is on schedule for completion by the end of 2018.

Phase 3 includes Highway 71 South from Highway 59 to the community of Danevang, and customers […]

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The Young Family Foundation Awards 2018 Scholarships

The Young Family Foundation — the nonprofit organization founded in 2000 by YK Communications owners Raymond Young, Royce Young, and Paula Young Kacer — proudly announces its 2018 scholarship recipients:

• Haylie Hicks, Janaya Carrasco, and Stephanie Kocian of Ganado High School
• Shelbie Hendrix and Sanae Brandes of Louise High School
• Malorie Aguilera of Tidehaven High School
• Miguel […]

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Summer 2018: The Latest in Video Game Technology

The internet is the platform for the current media revolution.  From print, to radio, to cable…now is the internet’s turn. Games are downloaded onto massive hard drives via the internet.  Massive hundred person individual games are played. Movies and television shows are “streamed” as often as they are broadcasted.  As video game technology improves in […]

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Home Security Tips During Vacation Season

Don’t let your carefree trip get ruined by predators who are just waiting for you to leave your home for a period of time.  Take a look at some home security tips to keep in mind during this vacation season.
Don’t post publicly on social media about going out of town or on vacation.
An empty home […]

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Internet, Voice, and Security: The New Home Checklist

Just moved into a new home, or about to?  There’s a few things you’re going to want to accomplish right off the bat to make settling in go as smoothly as possible.  Here’s some suggestions to add to your new home checklist.

1. Unpack

Goes without saying, which is why it’s being said first to get it out […]

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Business Spotlight: JCHD EMS in Ganado

The Jackson County Hospital District Emergency Medical Service (JCHD EMS) provides pre-hospital care to the citizens of Jackson County. Its approximately 3,000-square-foot Ganado
station was built in 2017 and includes two ambulance bays, two Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU) ambulances, and living and working spaces.
Director James Sudik says, “MICU ambulances are equipped at the highest level for […]

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Do I Need More Bandwidth?

Have you noticed your internet connection seems a bit slower? With the holiday season ending, many of you likely received some shiny new tech and added devices to your home internet connection. As more devices connected to the internet are streaming data at the same time, this consumes more of your allotted bandwidth from your internet service provider. […]

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Our Top 5 Streaming TV Service Picks

In the ever-evolving world of media technology, streaming services are what you are seeing more and more of. Smart TV’s that can link to the internet now have streaming apps preloaded on them, computers are the obvious route…and even cell phones are viable forms of viewing streaming television. Have a look at our top 5!
#1. […]

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The Importance of Local Telecommunications Companies in Rural Communities

Rural communities are often served by small local telecommunications companies, rather than large corporate brands. These local businesses have their finger on the proverbial pulse of the community and its needs.

Large, corporate Internet service providers may not see the value in investing what it takes to build faster fiber networks in rural areas. Local telecom companies live, work and […]

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YK Communications to Begin Fiber Upgrade in Ganado Area

YK Communications to Begin Fiber Upgrade in Ganado Area
Project is expected to be completed in early 2018
YK Communications is getting ready to convert more of its existing communications network from
underground copper cables to an underground Fiber to the Home (FTTH) infrastructure using fiber optic

This phase of the FTTH upgrade will take place in Ganado, south […]

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