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The Ideal Internet Speed + Creative Online Tips = The Best School Year Ever

Busy Parents – We have two tips for a great school year:

#1 – Make sure you have the ideal Internet speed for all the multiple devices and users in your household.

#2 – Go online for new ideas, how-tos and let your imagination soar. The best thing about being online is envisioning that you can do that too!

The big question: what’s the ideal speed for my family?
With ipads, smartphones, TVs and computers all downloading music, streaming video and surfing the web at once, what speed do you need so everyone can get their homework done and have a little fun.

If You Are: Ideal Speed

  • The Lone Researcher/E-mailer: 3 Mbps
  • Music, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram Fans: 10 Mbps
  • Tablet Lovers, Movie Watchers and Gamers: 20 Mbps

With a consistent Internet speed from YK Communications, you can be online looking for creative lunch ideas and fun family movie night how-tos while the kids are all accessing the Internet on their multiple devices for homework and a little fun time after school. Consistency is one of the largest claims to fame of a fiber-based, broadband network like ours – it’s what sets us apart from cable and wireless providers.

Our top list of great ideas found online:

• School lunches that could win you the creative genius mom award! Great ideas here.

• Break out the legos when your child is learning handwriting – who doesn’t want to play with legos? Find out more.

• Playing games online may be the way your child will learn faster.  See how.

• Looking to use what you have and make something wonderful? A closet “de-junked” can be a dream study spot! Here’s how.

• Sharing about an imaginative school bus is a great way to make the experience more interesting! Watch this!

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