Fiber Networks: The Benefits Over Traditional Copper

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Everything gets updated in the tech world. Updates to your iPhone, updates to the apps on your phone, new features, more RAM, and every other advancement in between. Occasionally, you have to stop and wonder ‘why?’ Is technology actually advancing or is it merely progress for the sake of progress? One phenomenon in particular is near and dear to us, and that’s fiber optic Internet. So, why fiber rather than the standard copper cable? If they do the same job, why pay for the new product? Let us walk you through 5 advantages of fiber versus copper.

1. Lower Long-Term Cost

While it can be a steep financial investment for companies to provide this technology to customers, fiber has huge merits. Its durability, cheaper maintenance, and the requirement of less hardware make it a worthy option to consider. Not to mention that after the initial install, the cost is comparable to copper, even less expensive given that it lasts longer and will improve overall functionality of the network.

2. Sturdiness

Copper cable, while good technology, is relatively delicate. Under pressure in excess of 25 pounds it can be damaged, which could potentially compromise its functionality. Fiber, on the other hand, can stand up to pressure as great as 200 pounds, making it a far wiser choice given it is less likely to be damaged during routine operations in the vicinity.

3. Reliability

Copper cable can be a little finicky when there are temperature fluctuations, a lot of moisture, or intense weather situations. Any of these factors can prove harmful to connectivity, and even cause loss of it entirely. Worn copper cable can also pose a fire hazard. Generally, copper wire traces back to a telephone company which will occasionally have issues with disconnection. Fiber usually functions independently from phone companies and can operate free of their equipment and termination points.

4. Security of Information

Fiber optic Internet can be a cost-effective way of increasing Internet security. Copper cable can be corrupted by simply connecting taps to the line and picking up the electronic signals – to do the same with fiber optic cable is incredibly difficult. In a world where privacy concerns and stories of hacking are in the media every day, this alone can make it worth the upgrade.

At the same time, it’s easy to identify which fiber optic cables may be corrupted or damaged, because they emit a light when they are compromised.

5. Range

As you may well know, signal from copper networks tends to become weaker as it travels away from the central office – the telephone company they originate from. Fiber was originally developed for networks that did not have the benefit of proximity – think remote cell phone towers trying to connect to the network. Blackbox Technology boasts that fiber connections can transmit up to 25 miles, a bit excessive for most businesses but certainly a reassurance when considering larger buildings and more space to cover.

Ultimately copper networks have done a fair job of carrying businesses through the technological age. A fiber optic network’s ability to solve some problems we’ve seen with copper cable makes it a prudent alternative to consider as the demand for efficiency grows. Many rural areas are switching to fiber optics simply for the range benefits, but as shown above, there are several other pros to consider. Speaking of which, did you know that A FIBER OPTIC NETWORK IS COMING TO EL CAMPO, TX?

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