GPS Tracking Puts
You Miles Ahead in
Vehicle Management

YK Communications has teamed up with Advanced Tracking Technologies to provide you with real-time access to the location of your fleet through the use of Shadow Tracker GPS Tracking Systems. You gain dynamic fleet management capabilities including:

  • Manage Field Personnel & Improve Productivity
  • Document Actual Routes Driven & Stops Made
  • 10-Second Location Updates
  • Eliminate or Reduce Idle Time & Overtime
  • Automated Fleet Tracking Reports & Alerts
  • Free Mobile Apps for Android & iPhone
  • Improve Employee Accountability & Operations Reporting
  • Identify Route Inefficiencies & Unsafe Driving Habits
  • Reduce Fuel Cost & Time at Unauthorized Locations

For more information about
GPS Tracking or to schedule a demo,
please call YK Communications at
361-771-3334 or toll-free 800-395-1499.