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Not everyone uses the Internet the same way, which is why YK Communications offers a variety of speed levels to meet different needs. We have something for everyone – from light users to multi-device/multi-user households to enterprise-level businesses. Choose the broadband internet package that keeps pace with your online activities.

Plus, YK Communications is constantly improving our networks to deliver the next generation of communications technology with the most reliable connectivity possible. It is all part of our commitment to provide exception customer service. You can count on us to help you select the right speed level today and support you as your needs change in the future.

Choosing the Right Internet SpeedCheck out our blog post here for tips on choosing the right internet speed!

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24/7 Technical Support

We understand how vitally important the internet is to your daily life. That’s why YK Communicaltions makes it a priority to keep you connected. As a customer of our broadband internet services, you can get technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you need help at 2:00am or 2:00pm, we are available. Call 361-771-3334, email to, or start a web chat at

Broadband Internet Offerings

Residential Class Services

Offering Details Download Speed Upload Speed Price
Basic Home
Best for households with one active user and only basic online activities such as email and web browsing.
Up to 3 Mbps Up to 256 Kbps $29.95 per month
Family Essential
Best for households with a few users and average online activities such as email, web browsing, photo sharing, video and music streaming, and casual gaming.
Up to 10 Mbps Up to 768 Kbps $39.95 per month
Movie Buffs & Gamers
Best for households with several users whose activities frequently include movie viewing and advance multiple player gaming.
Up to 20 Mbps Up to 1.5 Mbps $59.95 per month
Power Home
Best for households with several heavy users engaged in applications such as video streaming on multiple devices simultaneously. Available in fiber area only.
Up to 40 Mbps Up to 4 Mbps $69.95 per month
Serious Speed
Best for households which use commercial application such as video conferencing with multiple users, file sharing, heaving downloading, and large file uploads. Available in fiber area only.
Up to 60 Mbps Up to 6 Mbps $89.95 per month

Business Class Services

Symmetrical (Download/Upload Speed) offerings for businesses are available upon request.

Offering Details Download Speed Upload Speed Price
Basic Business
Best for businesses with 1-5 devices engaged in light online activities such as web browsing, email and Point of Sale terminals.
Up to 20 Mbps Up to 4 Mbps $69.95 per month
Standard Business
Best for small businesses with 5-15 devices engaged in moderate online activities such as hight performance email with attachments, file sharing, and high-volume transaction processing.
Up to 40 Mbps Up to 8 Mbps $89.95 per month
Best for businesses with 15+ devices using commercial applications such as video conferencing with multiple users, online backups and file sharing, heavy downloading, and large file uploads.
Up to 60 Mbps Up to 12 Mbps $129.95 per month
All Broadband Internet Offerings
(Residential and Business Class) Offer:
Gateway Lease Static IP Address
No Contract
Unlimited Data Usage
$4.00 Monthly Single: $5.00 additional monthly
Block of 5: $15.00 additional monthly

Looking for advanced solutions like Carrier Ethernet Transport? We’ve got it!

Services not available in all areas. Listed pricing requires services to be combined with voice services. Broadband internet service requires a gateway at the premise. Gateway purchase option is available. See store for details.

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