5 Tech Gadgets Never Used By The Incoming Class of 2018

For the incoming class of 2018 – whether high school or college – the world, technologically speaking, has basically been your oyster from the start. Many of today’s students have never witnessed the horrific, often inconvenient tech gadgets that existed before the massive advances that lead to things like iPhones, digital voicemail, the emoji, voicemail transcripts, […]

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Business Spotlight: Gresham Trucking

Johnnie Gresham started this family business in Louise in 1997 and has covered many miles since then. Gresham Trucking supplies road-base materials including limestone, gravel, and
caliche to locations where roads or pads are being built. The company owns 20 trucks and has about 20 employees.

His wife Lanette Gresham says, “Johnnie has run Gresham Trucking all […]

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The Young Family Foundation Awards $1 Million in Local Grants and Scholarships

Local non-profit has served students in Ganado, Louise, Tidehaven, and El Campo with $1 million in educational funding
The Young Family Foundation is thrilled to announce that they have awarded a total of $1 million in scholarships and grants, a major milestone for an organization that continues to serve students.

The Young Family Foundation is a local […]

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Online Privacy: Staying Safe in a Digital World

Security today means a lot of things. It used to mean things like ‘Don’t leave your keys in your car’, ‘Lock the door to your house/apartment when you leave’, ‘Walk with a friend to the bus stop’. While these practices are still valid, and still great staples for safety, the Internet is the window most […]

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The Impact of Rural Broadband on Small Business

It seems that high-speed internet is everywhere these days, with Wi-Fi hotspots open at every coffee shop and restaurant in town. Unfortunately, while this may be the reality for urban and suburban areas, there are many rural areas that are lacking the infrastructure or support for high-speed internet. Even worse, many people in these areas […]

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Fiber Networks: The Benefits Over Traditional Copper

Everything gets updated in the tech world. Updates to your iPhone, updates to the apps on your phone, new features, more RAM, and every other advancement in between. Occasionally, you have to stop and wonder ‘why?’ Is technology actually advancing or is it merely progress for the sake of progress? One phenomenon in particular is near […]

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Tips for Booting Up Your Tech Career

It’s easy to have an idea of where you want to go and then wonder “Okay, what now?” There are plenty of options when it comes to starting a career path, but here are a few that we would recommend if you plan on going into the field of technology. 
Step 1: Explore Job Roles
It would […]

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Tidehaven Student Chosen as Candidate for FRS Youth Tour

The team at YK Communications is thrilled to announce that they have chosen a student for the FRS Youth Tour.

YK Communications is a member of NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association. As part of this membership, YK Communications chooses one student to send to Washington, D.C., for an expenses-paid trip.
Our 2017 FRS Youth Tour Attendee
Andrew […]

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Tech Explained: What is WiFi and How Does it Work?

We’re well into the new year, and like the last several years prior, 2017 is sure to bring us new technological advances. Some are still unfamiliar with the “how” and “why” of certain internet protocols, or how things are syncing up around them. So today, we thought we would dive into the wonder that is […]

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Home Security, Monitoring Options to Protect Your Family

Regardless of what neighborhood you live in, home security can prove to be an invaluable asset in your daily life. Guaranteeing the safety of your family, your valuables, your property and your peace of mind is paramount, for obvious reasons, but let’s discuss a few less common reasons for investing in home security.
1. Protect Your […]

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